Thursday, January 28, 2010

First trip to Pyramid

Lol. Yeah, 4 weeks in Sunway and its only today that i go to the Pyramid. It was after our Maths class today (which again i fell asleep in) and Bob, MK and I were wondering nak makan apa. Orange sien already, White is crowded, Pink retarded. So i just looked at the guys and said, jom whack Pyramid. Bob said yeah, MK nodded and off we went to the bus stop. And wouldn't ya know it, the moment we reached there, the bus had just arrived and was taking up passengers- thank god we didnt take our time to get there.

And yeah, while i enjoyed the bus ride, Bob was complaining about how queasy it made him feel. MK was indifferent or blur (another Zer Kitt) haha. We ended up having A&Ws. I was hungry so i over-ordered. Bob had to help me with my waffle and i had to take away my leftover fries which i unceremoniously shoved in my back pocket just to make Bob happy that i'm not wasting food. Oh, i secretly tossed it into a dust bin when he wassnt looking for fear of accidentally sitting on it later. So no harm done right? At least not to me unless he reads this post. (I apologize for pilfering food for i was really, really full.)

Then it was off to some comic store MK wanted to go. It was filled with chinese books. I thought MK knew chinese but he told me he didnt. Yay! Another Banana! Bob ended up looking at the key chains instead of the books.

"Oooohh. Zer Kitt will love this," claims Bob excitedly as he jumped around the store holding a keychain of a sniper rifle which i admit was really nice.

"Oooohhh, and this for Gene!" screams Bob as he raced across the store swinging a keychain with a heavy machine gun attached to it.

"And this for me!" claims Bob before he jumps up and grabs on the ceiling light with one hand, Shotgun keychain with another. ripping the cables and sending the store in complete darkness.

And in that darkness, he emerges with what I tried to make out was a slick samurai sword keychain. "This is for the reapah!" he smiles sinisterly before fading into the darkness that engulfed the chines book store.

Needless to say, someone called security and we had to leave the premise. Ah well, it was 15 mins to our Comp science class so no loss there. I wanted to go to Popular to get some mags but we felt time was running out, plus our notoriety meter was at Alarm 2 and the security guards were hot on our tracks. So straight off we went to ride the bus back to college. Back to the Computer Science class that I entered with a resolve to not fall asleep but wat-the-heck-did-anyway =)

Note: Concrete facts are only till the 3rd paragraph. The 4th onwards have some added spice to them and to also torment and test Bob's fuse cause its been a while since i did. I wanted to give ya guys a laugh tats all. I hope i survive long enough to the next post. Till then!

PS: Kitt want the Snipah Rifle keychain or not? I can get for you. XD