Saturday, March 13, 2010

My 18th!

13 March 2010, although one day later, we celebrated my birthday at Mid Valley. Firstly, I want to once again thank everyone (Eugene, Jeremy, Wei Jie, Julia, Julian, Julian, Kessler, Lynette, Benny, Jet, Ian and Sze Kitt) for being there and also for all the amazing presents =)

Here's a recap of the things we did on this memorable day for me ><

Oh yes, did I mention I was involved in a car accident in the morning. Long story and I don't really want to talk or remember bout it... so..... we'll leave it at that.

Either way, managed to make it to mid valley but I was late and everyone was waiting... so so so sorry guys! =(

So we had Kenny Roggers for lunch and we chatted and chatted and chatted, the most important part of a party isn't it? To catch up and joke around. And joking around with you guys is much more potent than going to Russell Peter's routine! XD

Then, it was present time.

1. Wei Jie and Kitt's present

Yup, an exact replicar (pun intended) of my future MYVI XD. I was expecting a revenge gag gift from Wei Jie but I guess he was being kind =)

2. Kessler's Gift

It's hands-down the biggest. Haha. Look at that black Box! It had a card, a very inspirational big mug which I can, in the future consume my maggi mee from and my favourite, DVD's containing season 2 and 3 of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei! Thanks so much Eufo chan (kessler)!

3. Julia's present

It's this spinning-surfer-thingy. Haha. It runs on some counterweight mechanism and I love it! Haha. Thx Juls my dear. Hope you enjoyed your date ;)

4. Shane's present

A photoframe that matches my shirt and phone. I'll be putting in our outing's group photo! Arrgatou shane!

5. Jet gave me a card 2 days ago which said: To Leon, Dont open till Birthday. Haha

Then we went to watch a movie, Edge of Darkness

Lets get this straight before anyone who reads this plan to watch this show:
There's nothing in here that has anything to do with darkness, nor the edge. Its crap that's wat it is. The pace is slow with to much dialogue (i fell asleep) and the plot is predictable and dry. The plus points of the show might be the cheap but oh-so satisfying scares as well as the above-par acting. But seriously, dont, dont watch it. I mean, if you want to blow some cash, you should find something more worthwhile for your buck, say... give it to me? So sorry everyone for choosing this stupid show =(

Mel Gibson may be the only salvation of this movie. He pulls of the desperate-dad-with-nothing-to-loose role with ease and oomph. The rest of the movie? ZZZZzzzzzzzzz

And so that ends our day. I would like to thank everyone again for everything! I am going to miss all of you! Hope we can meet up like this often in the future! Thx for the unforgettable Birthday!