Monday, March 8, 2010

BRATs Storm Sunway Pyramid!

Though the participation for last Saturday's BRATs Melaka 09 reunion was far from encouraging, that didn't stop us from having a blast! Ok, here's the low down:

We 'planned' to meet up at 11.30, so I dragged Kessler there early in the morning (yes, Kess joined us! Haha) and when we reached there, what happens? We saw only Andrian....

Tristan? Oh he was real punctual. Heard he just woke up was rushing to Sunway when we called him.

We were much later joined by Jay Chong, Saren and Marissa. Oh, and I discovered this interesting restaurant to eat at thanks to Saren's suggestion.

Note: The following paragraphs will contain some form of advertisement for the said dining establishment because the writer has the hope of benefiting from a generous discount that the cafe may provide.

Introducing Cafe Full House

Upon entering, you are greeted by the Cafe's mascot family: An adorable group of big-headed and friendly looking people. The cafe's ambiance strikes you like a a ray of like through you're curtains in the morning. It's white walls and furniture give a sense of class and each corner of the cafe is adorned with classy d├ęcor making you feel as if you have just walked into a old country house.

The menu is another highlight of the Cafe as it comes on the form of a magazine, listing all the food choices be it ala carte or the adorably pictured set meals.

They were presented in the form of a drawing. Though the illustrations of what the food looked like may be a bit off, it's still charming to see a handsomely drawn picture of your meal. I ordered this: Fish Fillet on Mash Potatoes and Vegetables.

We also did some on-the-spot decided activities such as visiting the Arcade, and playing Daytona(again...why is it every time Daytona?), some air hokey and some shooting games. You can see the video of Tristan and Andrian squaring off in Air Hokey down below.

Then, its off to the bowling alley where I had the most insane 2-set games in awhile. The video will explain more.... I just hope we're not black-listed on the bowling alleys name list...XD

I'm gonna miss you guys! Happy times!