Friday, June 18, 2010

At Old Town Now

At Old Town White Coffee now with thee fellas. Kitt, Jie, Gene and round Julian =)
Quite a major disappointment as we had planned to come here to leech on the insanely high connection speeds to do some heavy downloading like we did during Kess's farewell. At that time, speeds were more than 200 kb/s which Real. Fast.

We're talking an mp3 in 8 seconds and an episode of a series for under an hour or so. But now here we are starring at the long download bar which is barely moving. Speed of, get ready for it.....10 kb/s.

WTF la. Drop by 2000%??!!?? Is there even such a thing as 2000 percent? I mean, i've done lots of maths questions but never have i heard of 200 percent. Lets see...

200/10 * 100 = Yep, 2000%

Yup, so lets just hang around here and drink coffee. Wow, that sounds fun..... We have nothing better to do but sit around drinking coffee....