Saturday, June 19, 2010

Outing at TS

I've recently had a friend casually comment "Oh yeah, I forgot that you have a blog."
Yes, I do. He just forgot. Perhaps it would be considered unjust to fault him for his sudden declaration. After all, negligence can be seen sprawled over the walls of my blog, there's simply no denying it. I am unaware of the number of people actually being bothered to read what I have to say and I have but myself to blame for that unknown number to further dwindle. It was somewhere in March since I last made a new entry. Lazy perhaps? Yeah.

Ok ok. Now you have my solemn pledge that I will try my hardest to continue to blog (however unlikely it may seem due to the fact that I just got a new xbox 360 yesterday) even though i'm busy =)

Went to Old Town with the fellas this morning (as cerita-ed in the previous post) and later adjoured to Times Square to meet up with some old friends. The return of The Lee Mei Yin XD.

Something like her welcome party. Alot of people turned up at different times. So here are the pics. I'm of to play Red Dead Redemption!!

In the morning, 8am to 12pm at Old Town

At Times Square after that.