Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best Friday

Last Friday not only marked the end of college and break for the chinese new year, it was also a helluva a day!

We started of playing some basketball as we would every Friday morning, this time with Edwin joining us. Now, last week's basketball session didn't turn out very good due to the wet floor. This week, it was cool and dry and we WHACKED the court nicely la. XD

We were scoring non-stop, everyone seemed to be in good form. And later, we attempted to sneak past the security guards to get to Edwin's apartment for a break and shower.

Now i just realised this, Edwin's bed room has a freakin' nice view of the lake down below!

Ok, dont mind me there, I was just high. Playing basketball in the morning can do that.

Not only were the students in the overly Chinese-New-Year-Mood, the teachers were no better. Classes were cut from 2 hours to 1 on that day and the teachers had the same impatient look on their faces. Everyone wanted the hols to begin- who can blame them.

Went for lunch with parents and aunt at our favourite japanese restaurant.

Yes.... Drool people...

And to top it off, I later went to Giant and guess wat i got??

And the moment I've been waiting for since last year:

So yeah, great Chinese New Year for me. Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone!