Friday, February 5, 2010

Day of Epicness!

Ok, last Tuesday was epic to say the least. Not only was I going through the day waiting for Freshie's night, I spent the majority of the day at Sunway Pyramid. Here's the low down:

1) Go to College like normal and attend Physics class from 10.30 to 12.30.

2) Meet up with MK, Edwin, Bob, and Winston and walked (under the not so hot sun) to Pyramid. Oh, they I mention they were ALL WEARING BLACK SHIRTS! See for yourselves:

I was like, the only one wearing another color. Freak coincidence? Or colour conspiracy?

3) Ate KFC (chicken again) and walked around looking at gadgets and games.

4) Waited for the bus to go back for moral. Then, just as we were about to board the bus, I got a call from Nicholas saying he just reached Pyramid and was planning to skip moral.

5) I stood there and contemplated, I asked if the rest of them wanted to skip moral as well but Bob and the gang didn't think much of the idea and wanted to go for moral anyway (someone had to tick the names of those who didn't go on the attendance right?). And boy will they regret their decision later.

6) Went to meet up with Nic and the girls and walked around aimlessly looking at clothes, guitars and hair gel. Managed to snag a black tie ^^

7) Sat around while Nic and Justin whacked 3 doughnuts each (Nick ate 4 i think...)

8) Parted with them and met up with Jaclyn. Walked around like orang sesat looking for the cinema. Then we watched The Tooth Fairy which was realllly funny. If it was anyone else, I wouldn't have given it a second look. But it was this guy:

I mean, The Rock with Pixie wings?


9) After the movie, we got hungry but had no idea wat to eat. I remembered Kah Mun telling me she was going for Pyramid too so I gave her a call and met up with her just in time for dinner. Met up with some of her friends with one guy looking alot like Jia xiang. Lol. Basically, I was at Pyramid form 12.30 till 7.30.. ><

10) After sushi dinner, me and Jac took a taxi back and went for the party! Pictures on FB. To lazy to cerita >< though I can tell you there were pole dancing and male belly dancing (seriously, that macha is the bomb!)

11) Balik tengok tv then KO. 7 hours of classes the next day. I seriously don't know how I pulled that through. Came late for class though XD.

For those who didnt go for frshie's night, they were alert:

As for those WHO WENT, entirely different story:

I think I saw someone at the front dozing of, but to avoid suspicion,