Saturday, February 20, 2010

CNY Outing at Mid Valley!

It was supposed to a gathering for all our old SBU friends. But in the end, everyone was not free to come. So it was down to just the organizers and a few others.

We had a bowling session which Julia did not want to play, claiming that her skirt was to short or something... Hah. Poor Daryl had to pay for her too.

It was fun, we ended up just playing without waiting our turn or looking at the score. Julia's profile had quite a high score, considering she did not even play once.

Oh. And Kah Mun CAN'T BOWL. I just found out XD.
Perhaps the ball was too heavy for her, even the 8 ball.
So we took turns drumming techniques into her (and confusing her in the process) as if we knew all about bowling ourselves.

At first she had non-stop gutter balls.
Then, she managed to hit 1 pin down
Then 2
Then....well, 2 is actually really good enough. It's not going to increase linearly with time. That would be a miracle.

Yup, we really had to teach her. Interesting how she swings the ball. Haha.

And then we went to the Arcade and did a bit of racing Daytona again. And amongst me, Daryl and Mark, Kah Mun and Julia, Julia got 1st place. This was obviosly rigged. Mark was good and i'm not bad as well. But to loose to Julia?

It was simple, I have it figured out:
1. Julia bribed Lyra to block Mark non-stop throughout the race so he wouldn't take 1st place.

2. Julia asked Kah Mun to drive real slow and wait for me at the end of the big corner so that I would crash into her. I did. 3 times. And I got last.

I'm on to them..

The smile on their faces show it....

After continuously forming group circles to plan where to go next, we decided to have japanese food.

Watched Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Overall it was an interesting movie and rather humorous.

Next trip people, you better all come!! Haha.